Iron Moving


“This Game Art piece is dedicated to Noriyuki Haraguchi, a contemporary artist(1946-2020). As hommage as a requiem for first anniversary of his death.”

2021/08/27 Shogo Haraguchi

The piece is between the video and the video game with the theme of an event that move a black iron plate while pushing it to the destination.

The characters in the piece have a program that moves autonomously with random probability. At the same time, this character can also be moved as a game player. An attempt to show an experience that reveals the existence of a border hidden between “video game” and “appreciation” by human recognition.

About this piece

This piece is not a recorded video so that result will depend on the probability. However, operations as a video game are also possible by flicking the screen.

The character moves the black iron plate while pushing it to the destination.

Can the feelings inherent by the experience, whether to control or appreciate the desire to achieve the given video game passing conditions, harmonize and coexist with each other?


Noriyuki Haraguchi (1946-2020) の一周忌によるオマージュ作品として作られました。”

黒い鉄板を目的地まで押しながら運ぶイベント ”事” を題材にした映像とゲームの間の作品。