About Post Past


Post Past label is digital artworks collective which contains to introduce Images, Movies, Music, Game also WebApp to you. This portfolio site would show you something what “now” is which devises as revelation that you are in the internets possibility.

Profile of related Artist

Shogo Haraguchi

Shogo Haraguchi, digital artist also musician from Tokyo, Japan who does digital artwork under the name of Hash Border. Also make Game art work.

After COVID 19 pandemic occurred, he began releasing digital artwork on OpenSea and joining project with art space blanclass Yokohama.

His mostly uses programming on making digital art work. Also he make application tools for making pieces of materials, called Color Mode. One of his style is combining Art with App, called App-As-An-Art (AAAA).

Before COVID 19, Shogo is improvised/experimental musician who does a variety of band and LIVE performances. Toured many countries around US and Europe. music unit : GAIAMAMOO